Monday, October 13, 2008

Trapped In a Puddle of Me

What the future holds for me is yet to be seen.. a life compiled of the simplest of tasks leaving me composed of nothing short of ignorant.. awake but just barely. Oh how i wish I could just sleep this all away but for me to close my eyes i could miss a chance to see you slip to where you are and not to where i see of you.. nothing in life is perfect but for my own eyes i see a false truth which keeps me trapped in a puddle of me.. never able to lift myself up my life's stuck in quick sand so i'm forever sinking down while i lift those up around me with encouraging words never to expect that back.. i don't expect much of anyone and trust a fourth of you less than a half of you suspects.. I can't be mad.. I can't hate when I see the bullet coming and instead of moving I always seem to sit and take it continually beating myself up for not moving when I knew what the fate was to begin with.. I need you.. I love you so much I'd dodge a bullet for you.. I know in the end it'll just be me and in the end ill still be here trapped legs cemented while i'm pushed over the edge again.. why struggle when i know i can't help myself out of this.. I guess i'm saying that i need help and i don't even need a lot maybe just a how's your day could or would pick me up and im quite sure it should..

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