Thursday, October 9, 2008

Gentleman Of The Year/New Reniansance Man

I'd like to start this off by saying this has nothing to do with Ne-Yo but while a few sum of his songs may coincide with this Note.. 

I am.. a gentleman.. one that takes everything one step at a time never will i pressure just pace what may or may not happen with my life and in the traditional sense of courtship. while you may think this is a grand thing I take my role as being the one.. I repeat ONE good male you may ever meet but never the one that will end up with you. Merely a teaching tool a dividing rod to know if you are truly in need of such a romance in your life while in 2008 this has been pushed aside chivalry is not dead for I was raised to be this.. a young southern male raised on the east coast by southern parents hailing from Nashville/Alcoa, TN.. and now since you know where I am coming from I will continue to what my message is to tell and eventually unfold to my dilemma. I am.. the one who wants Marriage to support you and be a father to a child/children not be the male to run out on the responsibilities of the natural cycle of life.. with this fact known it would also mean that i am one not to be opposed to living a married life which in this day and age is why a gentleman will never prevail.. I am destined to be the one who wants to "wife" but never the one in your life.. there is nothing perfect about me and I will be the first to point out my own flaw and mistakes that I've made in life to which that list is quite extensive.. I.. Am.. a male that will just be your friend the perfect person to in a way test you to find the one soul mate you need and for those wondering what this means.. because I have said this more than once.. meaning that you can't play someone who knows that it is coming I expect to be played because each "relationship" that i have be the additional piece to i have been played in.. about.. 85-90% meaning that to date only 2 girls have not played me for whatever reason but after me there was always the modern male to swoop down and be the super man in life but never a man of steel just a male to be the stereotype of the one who will fuss..fight.. cheat and cuss but that is always the male that will be chosen right because you just love him so much.. its ok.. and on Oct. 9th 2008 i am saying that this is fine.. i've played the fool but will never play it again because me.. im a gentleman i won't be bitter or fight what has befallen me.. im like Good Luck Chuck.. Hitch.. or the Match Maker.. I'm just.. Me..

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