Monday, March 29, 2010


2nd post of 2010 how could i allow such time before re-introducing myself? but if you've read these before i need no introduction.

My Frustration

I dont know any other way to express it than this.. i am frustrated, angry, irate, livid.. what do i have? what can i show for in this twenty-one years? lost my house, my job, car in the shop, not in school. so what do i have? i have my life, no criminal record, never in my life have i dishonored my family, i have love, hope, a backbone to never back down, pride that wont allow me to accept failure. I made it to twenty-one, ive traveled outside the country, multiple states, yes i am a black (african-american) male but i am in no way a stereotype equipped with more potential more imagination, more talent than a self-made millionaire and more creativity than half of these multi-platinum artists. with all that you ask why am i in this rut even with this economy i should be making money easily utilizing what was given to me God-send and heaven bound im not cocky or over confident knowing what i am capable and meant for is something ive had time to imagine and make steps toward fulfilling.