Thursday, October 9, 2008

No Make Up

your face.. it alone can be the closest to perfection.. your nasal bridge to your philtrum your angle of jaw.. even your silhouette is beautiful but when your at your best is with no make up.. the rarity of seeing beauty in its purest form is remarkable catching your when you wake up.. a glimpse before you lay to sleep.. make up is the act of restoring a timeless masterpiece like the bust of nefertiti herself.. you are what i imagine God thought of when he created beauty.. nothing compares to a woman without make up to be able to see you flaws in the buff your tiniest imperfections make you that much more desirable.. your eyes without liner to your lips without gloss there is nothing better i appreciate your efforts to present yourself in a way that makes you feel beautiful but deep down remember that i love you no matter what and i love you the most with no make up.. to kiss you and leave lip from forehead with the taste of concealer.. but i do love when you kiss me you lips part from my own and i can taste those lips.. every inch of you can't be covered in make up and there isn't an inch of you i love any less than the next..

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