Monday, October 13, 2008


I've given you all of me.. every last breath was exhaled for you.. blood shed.. tears dropped and yes I've cried myself to sleep a countless night and worried my thoughts around you.. a mystery you are never have i been caught in such an elegant web you've spun it and now i'm yours.. all i want is your love.. your heart next to my own in my chest or yours, your choice not mine a love divinely lead but i sense a subtle undertone of trickery.. is your heart really with me or do you wish to lead me down a brick of yellow to never wake as i meet the grand wizard.. release your foot from throat.. please don't push nor crush my vocals there all i have to express.. cords strung to play a wondrous tune that your ears will never hear and your eyes will never witness my performance.. you never care yes.. never dare to just listen to me.. you've pushed me here now.. when all i wished for was love i'm left with hate for you and your sex.. a witch will be that no matter how you treat or cover your warts with liquid concealment no wig no act shall fool me again.. i won't be tricked because i'm pushed too far you can't play the suspecting or trick the dog whose learned the trick.. you should've held me.. now its too late to pull me close

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