Thursday, October 9, 2008


Is it easy?... to wake each morning, is your conscience not rattled by the hurt you've caused? How.. how can you even stand the look of your own smug face.. each morning you wake, you look at yourself in the mirror... and that smile.. so boastful, in pictures like you have not a care in the world.. well i guess you don't care do you?... Can we switch roles can I take a day in your shoes? I was the same as you once.. leading them on all the while.. "Oh I'm in a relationship". What does that really mean to you? Always so busy.. "Oh I'll hit you when I can" never even thinking to lift a finger and dial those seven... "Oh baby I fell asleep" knowing I didn't give a damn in the first place.. I remember when you cared.. it wasn't that long ago.. you used to actually call and talk to me every once in a while... it hurts when people you could care less about or people I've never met face to face care more about me than you do.. I've hurt you yes.. and you've done the same.. that was supposed to be behind us now but some how i wake with tears.. each dream becomes a nightmare and i can't breathe while im surrounded with these thoughts.. Am I to be punished for the errors of my ways so long ago? why does this feel like revenge? karma back to bestow upon me the same pain... days don't end fast enough and weeks seem like months.. I feel like shit when my remedy is you..

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