Thursday, October 9, 2008

Take Me With You

Reach out to me.. press your hand to chest and push.. feel your way through my chest and feel my heart.. feel what my love feels like the way i wish you would.. i need you here but since i can't grip those fingers around my core and take it all with you.. it may look damaged but for you i've pieced it together i've had a lot of heartache so its had it up and down days.. i took the time to clear my thoughts and to forgive and get back each piece so i could present this whole to you.. i want you to have it a little piece of me so when your lonely you can hold it close and ill be close to you.. I'm whole now something I couldn't say not to long ago but some how you pulled me back.. I love you for that and ill remain this intact just as long as you love me too.. I'm not one to make a promise that I can't keep and I've promised to you i'd never hurt.. along with that i'll never leave and no matter what your friend is where i began..

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