Thursday, October 9, 2008


with such images distorted.. my eyes can only make sense of what is to be seen.. shrouded in shadows how am i to make anything of this life when my vision itself is do i always seem to put myself through the same paces when i've learned my lessons time and time again but i always seem to ask those same questions that should be unscathed never brought to life yet i always make this same mistake of doing so.. maybe im insane with the need to always know.. enraged by the thought of being left out of the information circle.. out of the pow wow surrounding the brains wagon but why can't i just be who i was meant to be..i remember when i didnt care but now im such a fucking pussy about life like the head went the wrong direction so now im left with a clit.. im such a bitch now a days never being able to just live.. dont worry about whats all in the background be a man Stephen! and do it now before you drive yourself crazy.. stop thinking about what she's doing, you think she could be happy if she worried as much as you do.. is she playing you? nigga get a life how bout you go out and get yours and dont even worry about if she gettin hers.. 

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