Wednesday, August 27, 2008


When life give you lemons, make lemonade.. but what if I’ve developed an irritation to sugar? That leaves no way for me to make lemonade.  The so-called sugar substitutes don’t get the job done even splenda doesn’t do such a splendid job.. So where does that leave me.. the world itself is crashing down around me while I fell  I’ve finally gotten my self on course, but it seems as if the devil’s just trying to hijack my life and crash land me. I have faith and yes I’ve witnessed that prayer works but what is wrong that our prayers go unanswered.. I need you now more than ever but somehow my prayers fall short of the clouds above. Luke 17:6 says we should have the faith of a mustard seed but what do we do once we’ve begun to find ourselves without result.. 


I’ve kept my head bent, faced down the passing earth beneath my own two feet watching it swiftly pass with every step that hits unholy pavement. I’ve shielded my eyes from the harsh realities and tried to avoid each days brutal messages that we will not make it past tomorrow. Many days I’d rather look up at the suns violent rays to burn these fragile retina’s then to look straight ahead because it always seemed as if there was nothing out there for me. I’ve cried myself to sleep each night to release my pain only to wake to a new dose. Imagine waking to a tear soaked pillow morning after morning, cold sweat and heaving breathing added to this mixture, to wake another day with no accomplishments. So how does it feel to know that you’ve done nothing to better yourself and in the eyes of all others you are nothing more than a failure..


Many of you wouldn’t know it if it hit you but this is the reality in this statistical world we live in.. from birth a black male is just another to add to the prison systems.  But in 2008 we’ve received someone to look up to even more.. We’ve had our Martin Luther King’s, Malcolm X’s, Thurgood Marshall’s, and George Washington Carver’s.. yet somewhere we’ve still gone only noticed by our belligerent ways and not by the dreams we’ve set out to achieve. A man named Barack Hussein Obama decided to step up to this plate after victory in the U.S Senate in Nov. of 04 with over 70% of the vote he then knew his purpose. Shortly after he announced his presidential campaign to the world in Feb. of 07 where he emphasized withdrawing our troops from Iraq, energy independence as well as promoting universal health care.  His campaign slogan alone “Change we can believe in” is one that imprints a bit of hope in your hearts and minds that this may not be it for us.


This are my thoughts alone I feel that we need a president that can make a difference I’m not waiting for him to win this race because a change has already been made in America I won’t put all my hope in him to become some holier than thou savior for the urban community because it just doesn’t work like that. We just need the encouragement and influence to become more and he came in at the right time. I see now with my eyes open wherein years before I only saw where lies continued. I have the confidence in my family and in myself that this is no where close to the end and that I can make a change of my own if only I try, and try is what I wont stop at I will do something that matters in my life because I’ve gone so long with just getting by..


I pray that the patience needed becomes bestowed upon all that need it, a level mind be imprinted so that we can all see a little more clearly.. rain falls in a cycle to cool the heat and wash away the dirt and grime and like nature our own lives come with season’s of there own. Its up to us to know when to kick that prayer into high gear and know that we can accomplish whatever we set our minds to, that we are Gods people and in his favor. The devil strikes at you knowing that he doesn’t have you so the temptations seem greater than those who just do as they please but we stand in the light we radiate his love off of us and that angers the devil so he attacks. Be strong people this is only a season and we can make it.. don’t separate just yet ban together and make a lasting bond stronger than we have before.. we can make a stand.. we can make a difference.. we can make a change.. 

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