Monday, August 25, 2008

Media Comparison... Can I?

I never thought i'd say this again, write this again, but as many attempts i'd failed but here i am again.. i've struggled in thinking this, writing this, and many times ive just Ctrl+Alt Deleted this, but once again its just me, just us that i think of my very alice trapped in a wanderland (Kelis), but always there when im feeling illmatic (NaS) ,afraid to fall dangerously in love (beyonce'), and ive never given you reasonable doubt (Jay-Z). 

What i thought we had was true love and ive hesitated to write this but again i do. Do you know what my feelings for you are.. purer than the purest water a purifier could ever create out of tap.. with you my thoughts never began to just.. but to attach a ring to the finger beside your pinky to fill the air with the sound of bells you dressed in all white make-up smeared down your beautiful face for the day God had given was your special day.. there's something about you that my mind could never shake never could my eye's produce another face but yours.. i look deep into myself and i feel whole and when i look in the mirror the lies ive told myself are getting old i can't love.. LIES ive told.. i love you and that will never get old, from years that've passed the feeling only increased only got stronger through the turmoil and the pain that i put you through i would understand you leaving this is impossible.. but to you im asking for a chance not to be yours, no commitment but to a chance to remember me when your out, need that comfort im but a phone call away.. if you want me to come visit im but a key, ignition, and foot pressed against accelerator.. im asking you to not just let the memories of us just fade away remember the time we shared the late nights we stayed up listening to one another breathe afraid that pushing that end button would end more.. in the morning a quick txt "good morning love" was all i need thoughts that all that we'd shared was true.. why can't i shake myself of you.. i wish i knew but im in no rush to remove my thoughts from you.. God brought us this far so lets prove to him and everyone else that what we had/have is still true.. i love you

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