Monday, August 25, 2008

Used & Abused

What should I do when my tears no longer fall down this weather beaten face.. When my heart stops.. and my blood no longer flows.. how do I find the gall to speak with no air to travel through these withered lungs.. im suffocating with a respirator on.. maintained life but only here to sustain for what purpose? why help the unwilling to live when i myself no longer see my own reasoning.. i understand nothing and everything with my eyes wide open i remain here for the purpose of accomplishment a destiny still unfulfilled my my life and reason for living is only to achieve this and only this.. I live a purpose driven life not one rendered by the hands of the damned it is my life used to influence those around me negative or good I live to change I speak to let those unwilling have a voice through me a vessel for the weak or frail.
I am used for a reason but the reason you've used me is not my purpose of life..

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