Monday, August 25, 2008

My Heart...

As my heart lay there dangling from the once proud pedestal i call my chest.. with the superior vena cava and aortic arch severed there is now nothing attaching me to this.. "thing" but time itself.. ripped from my chest, still beating feeling the blood struggle to flow through my left and right ventricle unaware it is no longer my own but it struggles to survive long after me.. i separate myself from it to lose emotion for with these arteries still intact i may fall victim once more to the words of the sweetest of lips slowly persuading me to open my... but how i once wore my heart on my sleeve will i ever again or how can i without a heart at all.. you want my heart ill give it to you, yours to keep but not with me attached i'm better than that i refuse to let myself be led astray the way adam fell for eve.. the serpent is to blame for humanities faults for he knew that the power of woman was strong enough to change an entire race God let this happen as a test.. all the greatest conquerers, adventurers, all brought to there knees and ended by this power so why should i? why would i knowing where my fate lies.. why i ask myself.. because without woman there would be no man.. my mother birthed me raised and took care of me despite the help or lack there of from a fathers hand.. without woman this world this existence would cease and peace would be only a dream never a reality.. you see with woman leading our great men, beside our great men and us beside great women we can change this world from the lonely rock it is and move onward to achieve these dreams one at a time.. so i chose to let my guard down to find a woman to hold my heart within her safe the way she holds my rib within.. i search for a soul mate to be my wonder woman my leather clad savior when times get rough.. she will save me.. i will love her.. so take my heart i need you to need it.. to want it and to treat it how i could never.. show me the love i could never.. and i will return it 10x and be your knight in shining armor.. your man of steel.. you everything.. if you'd just have my heart..

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