Monday, August 25, 2008

The Journey..

I Believe that i was born with a purpose the destiny to change the lives of everyone i meet if it may be in a positive or negative light the change itself is key. When darkness holds you at peace like the warmth of your mothers arms slowly rocking you into that sleepless insanity, No dream nor nightmare the existence will never enslave my hopes and goals they are those of vision, I no longer yearn for the bittersweet taste of eternal darkness, i sit here constantly decieving ever telling tales always lying pulling that cloth over your eyes and never letting you see the real me you see im not who you see me as im not hard nor tough im emotional and weak a sheep like the rest but i can talk tough like the best im a sheep in wolves clothing letting you only see what i wish you to see but never in the end letting you see the real me but today im taking off my skin revealing the real me and showing you my true face and bareing my soul pour the black blood from these veins or the lack there of im calling on his name the almighty the man above for i know hes been watching and knew i would pick this path but let me choose to see my journey as it comes to its end ive spent to much time but wasted the time i didnt have to spend but its not too late because i know i can call on him to help me through and to help my story begin so im saying this im a sheep in wolves clothing but a wolf no more today is where that ends and my real life begins..

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