Monday, August 25, 2008

Red or Blue Pill

life is strange now
its like im stuck in the matrix
constantly duckin an dodgin them agents
till i lose my patience
can i jus erase this
or will it all just cause a disturbance
can they sense my presence
they think i am but im not the one
but why not when i shine bright as the sun
my potential is limitless
all strength no weakness
one fear to fail
damn now im not feelin to well
is this height to great
will this decision seal my fate
no try, try again
theres only now or never
so when u think
its only heaven or hell
now u not so cleaver
float with clouds or be thrown in a well
but me i control my destiny
everything thrown just a test to me
cut the strings
so i cant be pulled
i have but one gippetto 
cant tell one lie
cuz my nose might grow
u always wanted to be a real boy
but im not pinocchio
im not too new to town
just late putting my feet on the ground
now im back on track
aint no one pullin me down
i got my own free will
or is it my will to bend
the will to choose
how my story ends
red or blue pill
do you want the truth
whats the purpose in life
do u foreal want proof
is it wife and kids
or spend ur life makin kids
7 baby mamas
yea its ur grave u dig
why lead a sinfilled life
on satans side
only to his games youll bind
to wake to nothingness
is the fate youll find
so choose that pill wisely
will you be a machine of the darkness
or a soldier for zion 

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