Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Love Me.

There is no extent to me.. no point in which you can throw a pebble off my edge. No cliffs.. No broken canyon.. No narrow divide, immeasurable, undeniable, my emotions alone sum up to infinity more than twice and with each day of happiness I only grow in love.. You are what I’ve searched.. a locked eyed, on bended knee prayer away and you came to me like a dream in the nights air.. a winged creature come to carry me off an angel in your own respect. Unlike so many others.. flawed as we all are.. but in my eyes you are perfection.. I’ve held you once.. you were mine to keep and my mistake left you earth bound.. So I ran.. afraid of you.. of what I had done.. could my mistake never be undone.. could I never be where I need to be.. am I truly enough for you.. night after night I’ve contemplated.. fought with myself knowing that my life would never be complete again without you in my life so I did what was necessary to earn your love.. your trust in me that I shall never hurt you again..

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