Saturday, September 27, 2008

Emotional Humiliation

i saw you, you crept into my arms one day assuring me that this moment would never pass.. i let you in and vowed to never tell this tale again but once more i sit face buried in palm.. see the problem is that i was a shell of a man better yet a hell of a man a young one set to code of life and never would i include our love and categorize with strife.. thats just not me. i included you in daily routines never dismissed a back burner was for my friends i loved you and on me you could depend but then you made that mistake of my kindness for a flaw.. my initial way of going about this.. all erased once you came into this, never would i let my guard down, never have i been turned around by a pretty face, yea her hips swayed the shirt fell right nice above the navel and the jeans hit the curves like a car speeding down a winding canyon road..damn why couldn't i see it.. the tricks began the day we first met you knew who i was but i only knew your name so thats how it started that game you had the end in sight when i was thinking of a new start you already had a head one on me.. i started when the gun fired but when i realized what i had gotten myself into you were already at the finish.. you took a lot from me.. and i wont even talk about how i was left alone on valentines day gave you my candy heart and you said how much you loved the thought of a first real date but when you called me.. ha.. sick ok.. but when i saw you, you didn't look to opposed to sharing those.. i was so naive i even gave you the benefit asked you first your response was oh i felt better so i went out with the girls.. well if he was a girl then how the hell can i ever be your man? you laughed at my feelings like i was just to put on a show for your entertainment some powder make-up and a bright nose as well then? so now im left alone lost in what you've left me a clown with fake tears drawn to face.. no baby i can't be that.. too bad my emotional humiliation has already set in..

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